This Project is still under developement. Any code or example posted here is for display and feedback purposes only.

CrustTalk is the codename for this ambitious project that attempts to create a centralized yet independent commenting solution. Unlike other cloud base solution like Echo and Discuss, this is a local hosted solution which makes its performance dependant of your server and not a third-party. So if your page loads it will load with no problem.

Like all my projects, CrustTalk focuses on giving power and flexibility to developers. Because the app uses templates as building blocks, every single visual aspect of the app is fully customisable via hard coded HTML templates and CSS rules.

Thanks to Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX and JavaScript encapsulation the app is able to complete any action on the fly even user authentication without compromising securiy or exposing sensitive data. Even if a user tries to hijack the app with a client side utility like FireBug it wont do any harm as the JavaScript client is encapsulated plus every action is doubled authenticated; on the client and then on the server side.

The app is still under close developement and is not public available yet. Because i have a fulltime job for living and i'm a one man army the development may not be the fastest. You can follow the updates via Twitter @crustHQ or bookmark this page.

Below is a snapshot preview:

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