What is uFlex?

uFlex is a PHP user authentication class.

Why try uFlex?

There are tons of PHP user authentication classes. As a PHP developer i don't want to waste nobody's time nor persuade anybody to use this class so i'll be straight forward. Here are some key features of the uFlex class:

  • Flexible and extensible object oriented API to build your authentication system
  • Handles custom fields thanks to its hybrid and dynamic field validation
  • Built-in methods to handle the most common process in an authentication system such as user registration, updating info, password resets, account activation and more...
  • Handle database connection, only making a connection when on demand when needed
  • Heavily tested and promptly updated with user FeedBack
  • Its open source and inline documented, PHPdoc
  • Built-in logging console, tracking every step, every error and every process. Great for debugging.
  • Optimized for AJAX use. For example: checking user availability as user types
  • Built-in common hash generator plus homegrown integer encoder and decoder(more reliable than base64) to maximize hash security

What uFlex is not?

Like any PHP class uFlex is a tool not a script. Here is what uFlex doesn't do for you:

  • It doesn't handle sending email, though it provides the required info for sending email. Like the hash for activating an account
  • It doesn't have functions to globally manage users. Every method is focus in the current user and authenticated in a per user basis. You could build your own user management interface.

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