For version 1.0.0 uFlex has been rewritten into a small library. Breaking down the project into smaller files makes it more manageable and more testable.

Below are the changes on the main API on version 1.0.0:

0.97 1.0.0
uFlex( $start ) ptejada\uFlex\User()
pass_reset( $email ) resetPassword( $email )
new_pass( $email ) newPassword( $hash, $newPass )
error() log->getErrors()
error( $errorText ) log->error( $errorText )
report() log->getReports()
report( $reportText ) log->report( $reportText )
form_error() log->getFormErrors()
form_error( $fieldNAme, $errorMessage ) log->formError( $fieldName, $errorMessage )

All the methods that previously returned an array will now return a Collection instance instead.

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